Something a Bit Different: Part 1

Jasmine finished promptly at five o’clock, like always. She made the finishing touches on her report, sent the email off, and turned off the computer just as the clock on her desk chimed five times. She smiled slightly. She’d been practicing that for a while. With a flourish, she gathered the belongings on her desk and […]

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Canker Man

I’ve reached the point where any progress on my novella will be boring bridging sections; or the ending. So, for the time being, I’m going to be silently hunkering down on that, or putting up some short stories that I cook up. Like this one. – Sore man, canker man, knocking at the door. Sore […]

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Another Chunk (Finally!)

Aaaaahhhh I’m literally the worst I’m so sorry! I’ve had writer’s block, I’ve been at a friends, I’ve been playing games, I’m a lazy ass! Finally, I’ve done some more, and hopefully there will be more to come soon! Forgive me 😥 – “What’s the worst case you’ve ever had?” Craig asked, breaking the silence […]

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Some Actual Progress

I wrote another novella chunk! Yay me! I will get more done next week, I promise. I’ll be on school holidays! 🙂 – Alexis all but kicked down the door to the pub. Everyone in the bar jerked their heads up at the flashy approach. Despite the hour, the pub was buzzing with people. Alexis […]

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The Forgotten Ones

I’m the worst with doing projects 😦 I am working on my novella, this idea just started burning in my head, and I thought I may as well get it down. I don’t normally do third person omniscient, so this is an interesting bit of practice. – They lie beneath a blanket of stone but […]

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Sanitized Death

They came to me first with all shapes and sizes. Some were whole, some were broken. Some were old. Most were young. Later, they came older. There were fewer broken ones. They came with lungs of soot and rot, hearts clogged with oils and fat. There were more to come, as well. Even later, they […]

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