Something a Bit Different: Part 1

Jasmine finished promptly at five o’clock, like always. She made the finishing touches on her report, sent the email off, and turned off the computer just as the clock on her desk chimed five times. She smiled slightly. She’d been practicing that for a while. With a flourish, she gathered the belongings on her desk and […]

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Some Actual Progress

I wrote another novella chunk! Yay me! I will get more done next week, I promise. I’ll be on school holidays! 🙂 – Alexis all but kicked down the door to the pub. Everyone in the bar jerked their heads up at the flashy approach. Despite the hour, the pub was buzzing with people. Alexis […]

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First Chapter of New Project

I must admit, I’m not feeling the introduction as much as the rest of the story so far. It’s not bad per say, but I might take it another direction. Definitely enjoy the characters though, and I think I can get a fully completed draft in a couple of weeks. I’ve already started doing some […]

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Mirror, Mirror

From the moment I woke up I knew it was going to be a terrible day. For a start, I woke up at exactly 1:46 am, as was clearly reminded to me by the bright red glare of the alarm clock. I had one of those awful itches on the sole of my foot that […]

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Blood Money

“We had a plan.” “Plans change. Don’t you get that?” “No plan changes that much, you fucking moron.” “Panicking won’t solve anything, now will it?” “Have you got a plan?” “We need to blend in. We’re on Earth right now, and we’re not going anywhere. Didn’t you say you knew a guy here?” “Uh… in […]

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Near Death Experiences

The closest I’ve ever come to dying wasn’t very exciting. It wasn’t being attacked by a horde of ravenous bears, or holding the line against a swarm of zombies to allow innocent civilians to escape. Nor was it fighting a terrorist hijacking a plane several thousand feet in the air, or even jumping out of […]

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