Canker Man

I’ve reached the point where any progress on my novella will be boring bridging sections; or the ending. So, for the time being, I’m going to be silently hunkering down on that, or putting up some short stories that I cook up. Like this one. – Sore man, canker man, knocking at the door. Sore […]

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This is an old one for me, but it’s one of my favourites to be honest. It’s the longest complete thing that I’ve written that I’m actually happy with: my longest is something like 14k words but it was all atrocious garbage. My fantasy novella will probably turn out longer, but this one is still […]

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Lights for the Dead Eyes

The first light along the winding path had bloomed with a brilliant red. At first there was nothing but the inky blackness of the night, the chill of biting wind, and the crunching of small feet on leaves. But as they walked, the ground had begun to shine like the sun, blood-red streaks cracking through […]

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