This is an old one for me, but it’s one of my favourites to be honest. It’s the longest complete thing that I’ve written that I’m actually happy with: my longest is something like 14k words but it was all atrocious garbage. My fantasy novella will probably turn out longer, but this one is still […]

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Old English Creative

I don’t really have a title for this one. I wrote it in response to an English assignment, just a typical short story. I love dragons, but I can never really work them into what I tend to do, or at least not to a degree I like. This one turned out well though. – The […]

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First Chapter of New Project

I must admit, I’m not feeling the introduction as much as the rest of the story so far. It’s not bad per say, but I might take it another direction. Definitely enjoy the characters though, and I think I can get a fully completed draft in a couple of weeks. I’ve already started doing some […]

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A bit more Novella

I couldn’t help myself, I wrote a little more of this. The overarching story at the moment is a bit messy, but I’ll start linking it together. It’s a lot of fun to write, I haven’t done proper fight scenes for ages. Hopefully I’m not too rusty! – The church was deathly still but not […]

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New Idea Snippet

I’ve got a new idea for a novella. It’s going to be about dark fantasy in a sort of modern setting, with all sorts of fun things with werewolves and dragons and vampires and demons and basically everything in my comfort zone. I came up with the idea last night in that wonderful half asleep […]

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Adam winced as another rat crawled across his leg. Like the others, the feet were cold and clammy, sharp nails digging into his skin. It paused on his shin for a few moments before scuttling off again. The skittering footsteps receded into nothing before long, and there was quiet once more. Only Adam’s shallow breaths […]

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Mirror, Mirror

From the moment I woke up I knew it was going to be a terrible day. For a start, I woke up at exactly 1:46 am, as was clearly reminded to me by the bright red glare of the alarm clock. I had one of those awful itches on the sole of my foot that […]

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