A bit more Novella

I couldn’t help myself, I wrote a little more of this. The overarching story at the moment is a bit messy, but I’ll start linking it together. It’s a lot of fun to write, I haven’t done proper fight scenes for ages. Hopefully I’m not too rusty! – The church was deathly still but not […]

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New Idea Snippet

I’ve got a new idea for a novella. It’s going to be about dark fantasy in a sort of modern setting, with all sorts of fun things with werewolves and dragons and vampires and demons and basically everything in my comfort zone. I came up with the idea last night in that wonderful half asleep […]

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Adam winced as another rat crawled across his leg. Like the others, the feet were cold and clammy, sharp nails digging into his skin. It paused on his shin for a few moments before scuttling off again. The skittering footsteps receded into nothing before long, and there was quiet once more. Only Adam’s shallow breaths […]

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Mirror, Mirror

From the moment I woke up I knew it was going to be a terrible day. For a start, I woke up at exactly 1:46 am, as was clearly reminded to me by the bright red glare of the alarm clock. I had one of those awful itches on the sole of my foot that […]

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The classroom was alive, all the voices blending together into a soft hum. The work was pretty tedious, but I’d get out in twenty minutes. I thought for a moment, then remembered I had lunch next. Plenty of time to hang out with everyone. I smiled, and returned to scratching on my paper. Some of […]

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Blood Money

“We had a plan.” “Plans change. Don’t you get that?” “No plan changes that much, you fucking moron.” “Panicking won’t solve anything, now will it?” “Have you got a plan?” “We need to blend in. We’re on Earth right now, and we’re not going anywhere. Didn’t you say you knew a guy here?” “Uh… in […]

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Elsa had been waiting for this day as long as she could remember. She awoke in the early hours of the morning, just after the sun had risen and her house was silent. She was the only one awake in her whole village. Elsa ran to the other end of her room, hastily slipping out […]

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