Another Chunk (Finally!)

Aaaaahhhh I’m literally the worst I’m so sorry! I’ve had writer’s block, I’ve been at a friends, I’ve been playing games, I’m a lazy ass! Finally, I’ve done some more, and hopefully there will be more to come soon! Forgive me 😥 – “What’s the worst case you’ve ever had?” Craig asked, breaking the silence […]

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A bit more Novella

I couldn’t help myself, I wrote a little more of this. The overarching story at the moment is a bit messy, but I’ll start linking it together. It’s a lot of fun to write, I haven’t done proper fight scenes for ages. Hopefully I’m not too rusty! – The church was deathly still but not […]

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New Idea Snippet

I’ve got a new idea for a novella. It’s going to be about dark fantasy in a sort of modern setting, with all sorts of fun things with werewolves and dragons and vampires and demons and basically everything in my comfort zone. I came up with the idea last night in that wonderful half asleep […]

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