A bit more Novella

I couldn’t help myself, I wrote a little more of this. The overarching story at the moment is a bit messy, but I’ll start linking it together. It’s a lot of fun to write, I haven’t done proper fight scenes for ages. Hopefully I’m not too rusty!

The church was deathly still but not silent. A voice was sobbing inside, muffled by the crumbling mortar walls of the church. Alexis grabbed her shotgun off the truck’s dashboard and put a finger to her lips.

“Stay quiet.” She whispered. “Vampires can be tricky. There’s a civilian inside. Hopefully he’ll be distracted and I can sneak up on him.” Craig nodded and unclasped his seatbelt. Alexis dropped out of the truck, crouching as she fell. Clouds of dust swirled with each step they took towards the rotten oak door. As they approached, the sobbing grew louder and louder, raising to a terrifying crescendo of a scream.

“Fuck,” Alexis said, cocking the shotgun, “she’s going to die. Stay behind me.” She charged into the door and broke it open with her shoulder. The old wood fell on the dusty marble with a clatter. Inside, there was no light apart from what filtered in through the windows. Candelabras still smoked, pools of bubbling wax hardening at their bases. At the altar stood a humanoid figure, back turned to the door. The human girl’s screaming had ceased, a pallid hand wound tightly around her throat.

“Oi! You! Drop the girl or I’ll blow your fucking head off!” Alexis strode quickly across the church, swinging her shotgun up. The vampire’s back stiffened, and it chuckled, softly and airily.

“Oh… haha. It has been a while, has it not, Alexis King?” Alexis stopped, lowering the shotgun by a hair.

“Wait… oh fucking hell. Vic? That you?”

“Please, call me Victor.” The vampire turned around, still holding the struggling girl by the throat. His eyes burned like coals, a thin smile curving his bloodless lips. “I was just about to have dinner. Care to join me?”

“Oh it fucking is. Craig, looks like you won’t get to meet Vic after all. Not to worry. He was always a moron.” Victor turned his head and locked his gaze to Craig’s cowering figure.

“Ah! Have they replaced me already? What a shame. And the blood of men is so much more bitter than pretty women, did you know that? You could have at least brought me someone more delicious.”

“Cut the shit, Vic. You know why I’m here.”

“Yes, I know why. I was a bit sloppy last night, I have to admit. The sun was coming up, after all.”

“A moron to the end. You told me you didn’t get bit.” Alexis took a few more steps forward, hefting her gun up. “We have antivenoms, you stupid fuck.”

“I did not know at the time. If I had, I surely would have attempted to cure it. What a foolish idea. Maybe you would care to join me?” He stretched a hand out, curling his grin up to reveal wickedly pointed fangs.

“Yeah, nah.” Alexis crouched back and fired with a deafening boom. Victor barked with laughter and dispersed into a cloud of grey fog, the spread passing harmlessly through and burying into the stone wall. The girl collapsed on the floor with a thud, gasping for air and scrabbling to her feet.

“Fool!” The voice from the mist was raspy, but clearly belonged to Victor. “You are mortal, and I am not! I know how you fight, I know everything about you. Do not resist, Alexis King. Show me that beautiful blood that sings to me through your veins.”

“Great, he’s gotten Shakespearean. Craig! Get that girl back to the truck, check her for bites too. I’ll take care of this little problem.” The mist coiled and twisted like a snake, moving slowly towards Alexis. She backed through the church, past the old pews half eaten by rot and mold. Craig edged along one of the walls, never breaking his stare from the swirling mist.

“Why do you resist, Miss King? It is a gift that I offer to you. Immortality, power, strength beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Oh please. You’re a bloodsucking parasite that will literally burst into flames when you go outside in the sun. And you were no looker before, but man, you’re fucking ugly now. Guess you can’t look in the mirror either.”

“Always sarcastic to the end. Don’t fret. I’ll show you.” The grey mist that followed Alexis shuddered and split in half, fangs of fog and cold growing from its depths. “Open yourself to me. Submit.”

“Fuck off.”

“Ugh. You were always stubborn.” With a hiss, the fog shot towards Alexis. She leapt to the side, rolling on her shoulder and firing a blast into the mist. Once more, the shrapnel passed through and tore apart one of the pews. The mist swirled again, baring its teeth of ice. As it poured forwards, part of it twisted and became solid, a hand that stretched out and grabbed the muzzle of the shotgun. Alexis fired for a third time, the new blast ringing in her ears. More shrapnel tore through wood and stone. Before she could fire again, another arm snaked from the mist and grabbed the gun, pointing the barrel towards the marble floor.

“Submit.” Victor’s face became corporeal, his jaw stretched wide. Spittle hung down in strands from his curved fangs, drifting in the cold night air for a second before snapping forward. Alexis dropped the shotgun and planted her right fist in Victor’s mouth. She felt the crunch of breaking teeth before she heard it, and couldn’t resist a grin. Victor bellowed and dispersed once more, shifting behind Alexis before she could blink. She spun on her heel, dropping a hand to her belt and pulling out a pistol. Already Victor was solid, leaping forward and clutching her shoulders. They fell on the ground with a heavy thud, Alexis’s skull cracking on the hard floor. One icy hand clamped around her throat, the other pinned her right hand to the ground.

“Enough!” Victor shrieked, blood and saliva dripping from his ruined mouth. “I will slake my thirst with your beating heart!”

“No you fucking won’t!” Alexis ripped the machete from her belt and drove it upwards, straight into Victor’s stomach. Even the blood that poured from the wound was cold, she noticed. He shrieked wordlessly and squeezed Alexis’s neck. She could feel veins popping out of place, breath that couldn’t reach her lungs. She pulled the knife from his gut and twisted it back, running the blade through his forearm. For a second his grip slackened, and that was enough. She sucked in air and twisted, freeing her other hand from his hold and punching Victor in the jaw. His weight shifted off her, Alexis pushing herself off the cold ground and staggering to her feet.

Die!” Victor screamed, pouncing off the floor faster than Alexis could register. Her right arm came up without thinking, and his broken fangs buried into that. Her flesh gave way instantly, blood welling up and filling his frigid mouth. She swallowed a scream and swung forward with the machete again. He caught her wrist, forcing it back into the air. Alexis could feel him take a deep pull on her arm, blood forced out through her veins. She kicked him in the stomach, her boot digging into his fresh knife wound. He gasped and came off her arm, Alexis’s blood running a trail down his chin. She fumbled for a pistol, the warm blood coating her fingers in a slick film. She found it and fired at Victor’s staggering form, holding the trigger down without pause. Each shot tore through his clothes and flesh, welling up into fountains of frigid blood.

Fucker!” Alexis yelled, throwing the empty gun to the ground, “where the fuck is your heart?” Victor turned his gaze back up, face twisted into pure rage. His fist pounded into Alexis’s temple, and another came into her chin. Once more his hand caught her throat, squeezing so hard she felt her veins would burst.

“I will break your chest open and devour your still beating heart.” He hissed, leaning in close. His breath smelt of the grave and was as cold as ice. “You do not deserve another chance, Alexis King. I have broken you.” Alexis tried to retort, but no breath would come from her lungs. Victor’s lips curled up into a triumphant grin, before splitting open wide. His head snapped forward, but stopped before he reached her chest. A new shower of blood coated Alexis’s jacket, frigid blood. Victor’s.

“No… what… I…” His voice gave way, and his body only a moment after. The grip on Alexis’s throat slackened, his corpse slumped to the floor slowly. Alexis slid down the wall, gasping heavily. An ornate sword was buried through Victor’s chest, one of many that decorated the wall of the old church.

“Alexis!” Craig was suddenly in her face, screaming. “Oh my god, oh my god, are you okay? Do you need an ambulance, or…”

“Kid.” She wheezed, getting back up. “I’m fine. I’ve… I’ve had worse. Ugh. That wasn’t pretty, though.” Craig grabbed her arm, and looked back up at her, eyes widening.

“He bit you. Aren’t you going… going to…”

“Nope.” She took her arm back and examined it. Two holes in the forearm, still steadily disgorging blood. “I’ll be right. We’ve got anti-venins in the truck. And somethin’ to stop the bleeding. I’ve been bit before, you get used to it. The girl’s okay?”

“Yeah… she fainted. I put her in the truck, and I heard more gunshots, and I came back, and you were fighting…”

“Slow the fuck down, Craig. Deep breaths. Chill.” She crouched down and grabbed Victor’s head. His eyes were still open, but the burning coals inside had died down into nothing. “You stabbed him, yeah?”

“Uh, yes, I mean, I thought you needed help, and I didn’t want to shoot because he was right next to you. I knew… the heart can stop vampires, and I just saw the sword on the wall.” Alexis clapped a bloody hand on his shoulder and grinned.

“Not bad. I was getting into a spot of trouble. I probably could’ve wormed my way out, but it’s a lot easier with two, y’know. You’re gonna get a lot of brownie points for this. Now, let’s go. There’s a bandage in the truck with my name on it.


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