New Idea Snippet

I’ve got a new idea for a novella. It’s going to be about dark fantasy in a sort of modern setting, with all sorts of fun things with werewolves and dragons and vampires and demons and basically everything in my comfort zone. I came up with the idea last night in that wonderful half asleep state that everyone has. This isn’t really a first chapter, it’s a short snippet of something I came up with. I have already rewritten things several times today, but this one seemed okay. Hopefully it’s enjoyable, any comment would be pretty awesome.

“He shouldn’t be far away now.” Alexis shifted the weight of the shotgun again, settling into a relaxed stance.

“Should I be doing anything?” Craig asked with a swallow, “I mean, I can shoot too, or I can try and distract it, or…”

“Relax. Stand behind me. Watch. You’re just observing now, y’know? You’ve only got that dinky little pistol anyway. They teach you how big werewolves can get in academy?”

“Uh… it’s pretty varied. It’s definitely not a constant thing, um… can’t quite…”

“This isn’t a pop quiz, chill. The smallest werewolf I’ve ever seen? Fucker was seven hundred and eighty pounds. Most of it was muscle. They can run at about fifty miles an hour, when they’re sprintin’ anyway. I was never a physics kid, but that much weight and that much speed carries a crapton of momentum. You really think he’s going to notice that little peashooter? When you shoot, you shoot to kill. And you aren’t gonna kill a werewolf with that.”

“Wow… that’s the opposite of what I was taught, th… they said precision is…” Craig swallowed again, turning his head to the side, “always the key.”

“Ugh. What kinda crap are they spouting? Look here. You might pull off a one in a million shot and get it lodged in its brain, or pierce its heart, or something. Simple fact is though, when an eight hundred pound murder beast is barreling at you as fast as a car, you don’t have time to worry about their precision. You worry about making sure he’s the one leaving in a body bag.”

“Miss… uh, sorry… Alex, is that it? There?” Craig pointed through the darkness, Alexis squinted. In the moonlit haze of midnight, a dark shape swayed. It moved slowly and steadily, approaching with no real direction.

“Yep. He’s probably not quite caught us yet. He knows there’s prey about though. You see the way his head is moving? He’s lookin’ around. Sniffin’ the air. Won’t be a minute.” The figure came closer at a lazy pace, before stiffening. It paused for a few long moments before turning its head to face the pair. In the darkness, two pinpoints of green burned. For another second, there was stillness. Then the shape burst into motion, tearing through the softly waving grass.

“Here we go.” Alexis crouched, raising the shotgun. “Cover your ears.” Craig clapped his hands to his head, eyes locked on the hill just in front of them. The shape moved faster than he could quite believe, bounding over stretches of countryside with seemingly no effort. As it came closer, its slavering and panting rang in his mind. Those two green pinpoints grew brighter and larger, faster and faster.

“Are you going to shoot?” Craig yelled, gaze still locked to the swiftly approaching beast.

“Shush.” Alexis’s face of stern concentration never wavered. The wolf was almost upon them now. Its teeth drenched in blood and foam glistened in the pale moonlight, the jaw holding them cracking open wide. It rose to its full height, holding two paws tipped with razor sharp claws right above their heads.

The blast tore through Craig’s ears and shattered the peaceful night. The noise that that the werewolf made was distressingly human, a low pitched wail that rang in Craig’s mind along with his shrieking ears. Blood and fur flew through the air in clouds, the werewolf staggering back and dropping its paws to its chest. Alexis fired a second time, and a third, and a fourth. Each shot tore more of its flesh away, revealing bleached white ribs and vertebrae. The werewolf howled again, mournful sobs of pain and rage. It took a staggered step forward, reaching out a bloodied paw towards Alexis. She put the shotgun on the werewolf’s forehead and fired for a fifth time. It looked like someone had taken a sledgehammer to a grapefruit, blood and gore splattering freely from the ruined stump. What was left of the werewolf collapsed on the grass with a heavy thud, bloodied limbs spread out like a morbid snow angel.

“You see that, Craig?” Alexis said, the smirk obvious in her voice, “that’s how you kill a werewolf. Bet they don’t show you that shit at academy.”

Jesus fucking Christ!” Craig said, staring at the corpse and its growing pool of blood. “That was… that was… the coolest thing I have ever seen.”

“Glad you appreciate. This is your first practical lesson. When you go for the shot, you mean to kill, get it? That wolf was a human a few hours ago. But you know what would’ve happened if I didn’t shoot?”

“We’d be as dead as him.” Craig crouched down on the grass and poked the mangled corpse with a finger.

“Bingo. And if we weren’t here tonight, some farmer would have met with that fate instead. It’s never pretty, ‘specially not with a werewolf. You make sure that everythin’ is dead, you hear me? I blew that fucker’s head off for a reason. It was only mostly to show off.”

“Shotguns are way better than pistols.” Craig murmured breathlessly. “I want one.”

“I’ll go shopping with you. They’re a hunter’s best friend. Now, come on. We need to get this shit in a body bag.”


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